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Lots of Wedding Pictures, Part One

These are not all of my wedding pictures, but these were the best ones. Z did several different versions of the same pictures, just to give me different color options, etc. These were all on the first disc, and I'm just guessing these are the best because she did so many different versions. XD The ones on the other nine discs... well, I will go through those at some point and post some of my favorites from those here as well. For now, have these. Warning, though, these posts will not be dial-up friendly. There are 718 pictures total. If you don't want to look at them all, please feel free to scroll on down until you find something different (in other words, you don't have to look at all of those different versions if you don't want to).

Leaving this public just in case any friends from work would like to have a look. ^_^

Yes, she did hang my dress on the light fixture. XD;

To be honest, I was a little worried that my Aunt Pat would get mad at me if she saw me on the piano. XD

My beautiful bridesmaids (Macy is on the left, Faith is on the right) and my gorgeous matron of honor (my sissy, who is standing beside me)

And this is mah Daddy~~~.

Kisses from two beautiful girls~:

Me and Faith:

Me and Macy:

I was actually playing the piano here. Z told them to sing, but they didn't know the words. XD :

Z gave them these little fake rings to wear, and told us all to show them off:

I don't even remember what was going on here. ^^;;; :

They were all like, "My fake plastic ring is prettier than your real one!", or something:

We were told to act like we had won the lottery:

And then we were told to act like we lost the lottery ticket prior to taking it in to collect the money. I guess sissy didn't care one way or the other:

In the next few pictures you will see (from left to right) Macy, Dakota (Jeremy's little brother, who got his freaking hair cut after the wedding), my sissy, me, Jeremy's Dad, Faith, and Jeremy's Uncle Don. Yeah, twins run in his family too, so I guess when we try for kids, I'll wind up pregnant with quadruplets or something:

Same lineup, except only my husband has replaced me in the middle spot:

Thinking husband does not know any other way to pose for pictures. Anyway, the next several shots will be of him with his family members:

Matron of Honor standing with Best Man, Bridesmaids standing with Groomsmen, etc.:

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