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Keep Finding Something to Fight For

endure and survive

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Registered Nurse. Type A personality and also personality type ISFJ (The Defender). Punctual. Organized. Creative. Shy (until I get to know you). People-person. Open-minded. Self-critical. Kind. Protective. Studious. Silly. Cuddly. Bisexual. Perfectionist, but imperfect. A creature of routine. Human.

. loves .. hates .

My husband. My family and friends. Cuddles. Animals (especially dogs and cats). Honesty. Kindness. Beauty. Accents. Humor. Anime/manga (Fullmetal Alchemist, Death Note, Inuyasha, Nana, Pandora Hearts, Chrono Crusade, Kuroshitsuji, Loveless, Deadman Wonderland, Vampire Knight, Chobits, Sailor Moon, Shoujo Kakumei Utena). Video games (The Last of Us, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Portal, Lollipop Chainsaw, Splatterhouse, Alice, The Legacy of Kain). Books (Black Dagger Brotherhood Series, Harry Potter, His Dark Materials, The Flower Boy, Interview with the Vampire). Movies (Anything Disney, pretty much anything Dreamworks [animated], Warm Bodies, Dragonheart, Thor, The Avengers, Iron Man, The Amazing Spiderman, Batman, The Lord of the Rings). Television Shows (The Vampire Diaries, Game of Thrones, House, anything on the ID channel, Chopped, Cupcake Wars, Frasier, Dirty Jobs, Cheers, Pretty Little Liars, Hannibal, The Secret Diary of a Call Girl, The Originals, American Horror Story, True Blood, Whose Line is it Anyway?).

Hypocrites. Bullies. Stalkers. Ignorance. Being ignored, especially when I've said something damn important to you. Liars. Judgmental people. Back-stabbing. Trash-talking. Conflict in general, although sometimes it is unavoidable and even necessary. Manipulation. Being talked down to. Having my intelligence insulted. “High-and-mighty” and “better-than-you” attitudes. People who think they're entitled to something when they aren't. People who think I am “confused” because of my sexuality. People who think badly of me because of the fact that I married a man (in other words, people who will say that I am not “lesbian enough” when I never claimed to be a lesbian in the first place). People who dare to hurt my loved ones.

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